Why People Need Your Yoga

Possible war with Iran, racial tensions boiling, wildfires, volcanoes and political outrage screaming daily on every news platform.

I’ve got 3 words for you…

People NEED Yoga.

And the great news is that now more than ever… taking up a daily or weekly yoga practice is no longer looked at as some “woo woo nonsense.”

No more jokes about spandex and chakras… people get it now.

From stay at home dads to high powered CEO’s, yoga and meditation have become tools that are used by the highest achievers.

And if you are a yoga instructor who can guide clients down the path to greater peace of mind, increased production at work and provide the greatest tool for managing stress…

You are in high demand!

So as you continue to grow your own yoga teaching business, leverage these top 3 reasons why people need your yoga instruction.

1. Calm Inside The Storm - Like we shared in the intro, dealing with high amounts of stress has become part of our daily routines.

And the greatest challenge most people have in managing that stress is that it comes from circumstances that are completely out of their control.

When it comes to our nation’s foreign policy choices… the average joe or jane feels helpless… constantly sprouting “chicken little wings” to see when the sky will fall.

By hiring you as their yoga instructor, you’re able to share the various breathing techniques and focus mantras that ease your client away from stress and into a place of surrender.

Through their yoga practice with you, they come to understand that worry of the unknown has no place in their life. And they are able to keep focus on their own actions and perform them with peace of mind.

2. Increase Their Bottom Line - Yoga helps your clients make more money?! Bet you never saw this one coming!

But when you break it down, it makes total sense.

If your client is able to release mountains of back breaking stress… they are more energized during their work day.

When you teach them how to control their breathing… they are able to maintain a calm state when confronted with business challenges.

And as they stay consistent with your yoga practice, they will gain more confidence and clarity in themselves… which helps them tap into limitless personal power that helps them close more deals.

Which leads to more cash flowing effortlessly into their bank accounts.

3. Balances Their Body - As we head into 2020, the amount of fitness programs and workout tools available have reached epic levels.

Crossfit, mixed martial arts, Tae-Bo (remember Billy Blanks!) kettlebell training and P90X… how does anyone choose?!

Unfortunately because of serious time restrictions in their life, millions of people simply give up on their goal of becoming fit. If they are seeking to increase strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility… they feel they must join 18 programs at once.

Your yoga business solves all their needs with one simple program.

While they work through your guided routines, they are able to tone and gain real world strength… radically increase their flexibility… and get their heart pumping and lungs breathing fire!

The best of all fitness worlds inside your single yoga practice program.

So the time is now for you to expand your business and serve the needs of people who are in desperate need of what only you can provide them through yoga.

And if you’re wondering how to best attract your perfect clients… then look no further than PORTEIRO.

Head over to https://www.porteiro.com/service-providers today to sign up right now and “namastay” on our list so you could be one of our founding members when we launch this world shifting concierge app!

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