Top 3 Mindset Tips To Make Sure You Get To The Gym

Hey there fitness resolution warrior…

Do you still have “The Why of the Tigerrrr?”

As someone heading into the 3rd full week of 2020, you already know that the majority of people begin to fall off the wagon with their fitness resolutions.

But YOU won’t be one of them.

In fact, certain stats have shown that up to 64% of people won’t even last the first month when it comes to their new year’s resolution around fitness.

So as someone pushing hard to hit your dream physique goals, there’s no way you’re going to part of that 64% who bail on your fitness routine.

You’d rather drop a 45 pound plate on your foot then quit.

This is why you must keep even more focus on your mindset so that you remember your WHY in order to hit your goals.

But no matter how much you have Rocky theme songs or your affirmations blaring in your head, challenges will come as the year goes on… so what do you do to stay on track?

Here are the top 3 mindset tips to make sure you get to the gym!

#1: Lock Arms With A Friend (accountability)

You’d be amazed at how much more your level of dedication will increase once you agree to hit the gym with a friend.

The accountability that comes with joining forces with a workout buddy is a total gamechanger. Why? Because of two key reasons.

First off, since you told your friend you’d meet them at the gym on certain days and at a certain time… your inner people pleaser kicks into high gear.

You don’t want to let them down and have them feeling like they aren’t important to you as a friend. So even on those early mornings when you don’t want to hit that yoga class… you’ll show up for your friendship.

The second key reason accountability works so well is a variation of the first one… but it’s even more intense of a motivation.

It’s called the “embarrasment factor.”

I remember years ago a buddy of mine and I agreed to meet up at a local college track for very early morning workouts… like 5 am type stuff.

And there were many days when that alarm started blaring and pounding my eardrums that I had zero desire to leave the comfort of my bed.

But then I thought about him showing up at the track and me not being there… and then the phone call I’d get later making fun of me for being lazy.

To have him brag about how much more dedicated he was than me.

So rather than be embarrased… I made sure my butt was at that track!

So lock arms with your friend and you’ll be shocked as to how far you’ll both be able to go in your workouts.

#2: Get Geared Up To Go!

This mindset tip seems so darn simple… yet it flat out works every time.

Right before you go to bed, lay out your favorite workout outfit in the exact spot where your feet will hit the floor in the morning.

This way when the morning comes, you’ll literally have to step over your workout gear in order to leave the room. As you sit at the edge of your bed staring down at your favorite pair of lululemons, it’s pretty hard to make up an excuse why you can’t workout that day.

I’ve actually heard some people will actually go to sleep in their workout clothes so they just have to roll out of bed and they’re off and running.

So lay out that gear… and GO!

#3: Keep Hitting Singles… Forget The Homerun

Listen… I totally get it.

You want to look like a supermodel or Hollywood action star in the next 90 days… and even that seems too long to wait.

If you set expectations that high, you might be able to maintain that level of insanity with your workouts for a month, maybe even two.

But at some point you’re going to crash and burn hard..

And the next thing you know it’s another 6 months of doing nothing and you’re worse off then when you started.

Easy way to fix this challenge?

Just hit a single each day… forget the homerun.

If you think you’re going to swing for the fences and hit every single fitness goal for the day perfectly…

You’re setting youself for some hardcore strikeouts.

Now what if you told yourself you just had to hit a single each day?

Maybe that means doing 15 minutes of yoga first thing in the morning…

Or it’s 20 minutes of some high intensity interval training on the bike.

A single could also be you go for brisk 1 hour walk on your lunch break.

Now you might be thinking if you’re only “hitting singles” with these shorter workouts, that you’re doing less.

When actually you’ll end up doing far more. Because rather than wearing yourself out every day with that homerun swing… you’ll always have extra energy left over to rock out another workout.

A single a day keeps the doctor away!

Keep swinging.

Now what if those days come where you just can’t seem to find that motivation to get your butt to the gym?

Maybe it’s finally time to lean on the expertise and built in accountability that comes with hiring a top notch personal trainer.

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