The Story Behind PORTEIRO

I am Arthur Burris, a twenty-year plus, tech industry veteran who has increased corporate value by $4B for Fortune 25 companies Microsoft, J.P. Morgan Chase, GE Financial and General Motors, and Fortune 500 company, PayPal.

I have taken my professional experience and founded the company SCHEJ, Inc. in order to create PORTEIRO - A Lifestyle Convenience App that provides an alternative way to solve the daily tasks that challenge our time.

When I came up with the idea to create PORTEIRO five years ago, it was because I was so tired of my personal lifestyle productivity being impacted by searching, asking for referrals, scheduling and commuting to local service providers for services based on their availability.

Here’s the story of how PORTEIRO came to be:

I remember when returning home in Arizona state from my weekly business travel on a Friday, that Saturday will be spent commuting to multiple brick and mortar businesses to have personal services fulfilled, before leaving for California on Sunday. It was this stark reality that, 141 annual hours was spent commuting 4,743 miles roundtrip from my home to brick and mortar businesses, to have personal services fulfilled. This equated to six full days using a 24-hour time span.

What can I do with an extra 141 annual hours? Not including preparation time, I can spend more time with friends, reading books, among other activities like take a week vacation!

At home, I was so annoyed that lots of niche service apps exist, however none have yet to enter the services marketplace that are personalized to the specific daily needs of each consumer. Statistics state that 221M United States residents solicit consumer services from brick and mortar establishments. What I surmised is people must rearrange their daily routines to accommodate the typical business hours of these service providers. Truth be told, there just is not enough hours in a weekend to handle the “extras.”

Hence, I designed PORTEIRO - A Lifestyle Convenience App, submitted for and obtained “Patent Pending” status from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for Method and Apparatus for Delivery of Services and granted a foreign filing license.

Now, with small businesses negatively impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, creating an opportunity to meet consumer needs while helping small businesses acquire customers is the reason we are launching NOW!

As a Black Founder building my entrepreneurial dreams I recognized back then and I recognize NOW during this current climate we are living in, my work & my business serves a bigger purpose than just selling customers a product.

Our vision is “Connecting consumers and service providers to transact anytime, anywhere and generate a societal impact.” The positive social impact that PORTEIRO will have is contributions to local community non-profit organizations and individuals from service transactions and when we publish our Simple.Loveable.Complete (SLC) version by January 2021, enable users’ donations to a local non-profit organization and we will contribute a percentage of revenue to the same organization. If a user does not contribute after a service transaction, PORTEIRO will donate to partnering local non-profit organizations.

Helping those in need is paramount to my humanity and the humanity of my team. My business not only directly impacts the customers I serve, it also impacts the Black Community’s economic ability to create the change we need right NOW !

The mission of PORTEIRO is simple... “SIMPLIFY the services experience for CUSTOMERS!”

And hence, I hope that PORTEIRO will simplify things by becoming the liaison, or CONCIERGE in your life & giving you what you need, when you need it!

So far, we have completed development of the mobile marketplace app for publishing in the App Store for iOS devices, with a launch date of our minimal viable product (MVP) by October 1, 2020.

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