Solution for Makeup Artists’ (MUA) Challenges

Makeup Artists

A makeup artist (MUA) is a professional who specializes in the application of makeup.

This can include special uses such as theatrical and effects makeup as well as more standard cosmetics. Makeup artists must understand a wide body of knowledge, including color, skin tones, lighting and, often, how the results will appear on film or video.


Many beauty industry jobs have a much more routine and stable work schedule. Beauticians have people come into the salon every day; people who work for cosmetics companies go to the office or store every day; estheticians go to the spa and meet their clients there. But for MUAs, it is a lot different. You must book your own clients, set up consultations, negotiate contracts, advertise your services, build a portfolio, and the list goes on. In other words, you must make your own makeup business, and then you must manage it.


Ask any busy individual these days… “When was the last time you put self-care at the front of your to-do list?” With so much on their plate every single day, it is far too easy to overlook treating themselves to something as simple (and soothing) as a high-quality facial treatment. But how do they find a way to squeeze in some pamper time while they are always on the go?


221M United States residents soliciting consumer services from brick & mortar establishments must interrupt or rearrange their daily schedule to accommodate the typical business hours of these service providers. As a result, lifestyle productivity is being impacted by searching, asking for referrals, scheduling, and commuting to brick & mortar establishments based on their availability, thus the forfeit of valuable time.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, projected job growth for MUAs is expected to be 7% through the year 2028. This is great news if you are passionate about makeup, feel great when performing makeup services and someone looks radiant!

Because it is a blissfully wonderful thing to do what you love every day, and be creative, and make people feel great about themselves, working for yourself is one of the best professional experiences you can have.

With consumers’ valuing their time and wanting to request services at a time convenient for them, an opportunity exists for MUAs to become mobile and provide on-demand services, giving consumers what they need, when they need it!


PORTEIRO – A Lifestyle Concierge App that safely brings PERSONALIZED SERVICES TO YOU ANYTIME, ANYWHERE…enables consumers with a few taps on their smartphone, to request your services to cleanse their skin and invigorate their mind with a facial treatment fit for a queen by hiring YOU!

So, if you are a Makeup Artist, Cosmetologist or Esthetician looking to have your appointment book overflowing with fresh clients to provide 2020 Makeup Trends: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/g29892877/makeup-trends-2020/

...keep your eyes peeled for the PORTEIRO app coming soon!

Some other benefits to you are flat rate subscription fees, no payment processing costs with in-app payment capabilities and improved productivity with the integration of emerging technologies.

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