My Personal Services Productivity Loss


It was this stark reality that, ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE (141) annual hours was spent commuting 4,743 miles roundtrip from my home to brick and mortar businesses, to have personal services fulfilled. This equates to six full days using a 24-hour time span.

The personal services I regularly use can be segmented into two categories: Beauty/Personal Care; and Automotive/Transportation needs figuring routine use averages per week from 17 to 52 times I’ll have hot towel facials and a shave, manicure and pedicure, dry cleaning drops and pickups to having my car washed or oil changed.

What can I do with an extra 141 annual hours? Not including preparation time, I can spend more time with friends, reading books, among other activities like take a week vacation!


How much time do you spend commuting to service providers annually?

How do you spend your weekends?

Parents, with kids’ weekend sport activities, how many times did you have to cancel an appointment?

Our mission and purpose is to “SIMPLIFY the service experience for CUSTOMERS!

To help you increase your personal lifestyle productivity, PORTEIRO, a LIFESTYLE CONCIERGE app, that connects consumers and vetted service providers to transact, anytime, anywhere, will be launching in 2019 for iOS device users in the Apple Store, with the objective to giving you back quality time, measured in hours to spend with family, friends, pets and other enjoyable activities!

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