Dry Cleaners Unite! Revolutionary App Will Help You Take Your Competition To The Cleaners

If you run a Dry-Cleaning business, you already know that things can get down and dirty with your competition.

Every week it seems like your competitors are looking to undercut your prices or pull off some over the top promotion to siphon away your customers.

So, for your Dry-Cleaning business to stand out as the best in your area… you need to start thinking outside the box with your marketing and services.

Keep reading below and you’ll quickly discover two things you can tweak inside your marketing to attract tons of more customers like red wine to a pristine white blouse.

Learn To Love Social Media

Now I know that many Dry-Cleaning businesses are family businesses and sometimes they are passed down from generation to generation.

So, I can understand that some dry cleaners might still be resisting all the cutting-edge technology, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to advertise their Dry-Cleaning business.

But with a sharp increase of Dry-Cleaning businesses shutting down across the country… As a business owner you have no choice but to adapt to the changes.

The good news is that all it costs is a small bit of time and micro budgets compared to old school traditional advertising. Simply by creating a free business page on Facebook… you can immediately start sharing clothes cleaning tips to the public. And of course, you can post special discount offers and even encourage your customers to post their reviews so new potential customers will see “real world testimonials.”

Plus, by putting your business out on social media, you quickly set yourself apart from other dry cleaners still stuck in the age of strict word of mouth advertising or door to door flyers.

Social media could be the difference between your business cleaning up some extra profits or barely breaking even… embrace the future now.

Go Mobile

Instacart, Grub Hub and Postmates and everyone else and their brother is offering mobile delivery to their customers.

So, restricting your dry-cleaning customers to only one option of dropping off or picking up their items from your physical store location could end up costing you tons of business.

But if you were to have even a single dedicated employee delivering a customer’s dry-cleaning right to their front door… your business quickly becomes their savior.

If you’re able to add a mobile delivery service to your Dry-Cleaning business… you could save customers hours of a time a month all while you add an additional income stream for that option.

Get The Word Out In A Big Way

Speaking of mobile, one of the greatest resources for your optimized Dry-Cleaning Delivery and Pickup business is tapping into massive networks of potential customers through cutting edge technology.

But where can you find a network that can consistently put your Dry-Cleaning Delivery and Pickup business in front of thousands of fresh customers?

It’s called PORTEIRO and if you take immediate action and sign up for more info right here now https://www.porteiro.com/service-providers you could become one of the first to featured inside a brand new marketplace.

Imagine having thousands of potential customers scrolling through the PORTEIRO app on their phone and finding your Dry-Cleaning Pickup and Delivery business…

Being able to choose your service…

And make their payment within seconds!

So, if you’re looking to “clean up” with your Dry-Cleaning Delivery and Pickup business in 2020 and beyond… make sure you’re leading the way with PORTEIRO!

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