Attention Barbers: Put More Butts (And Bucks) Into Your Business

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Even as a top notch barber, there’s always one thing that you must keep a constant focus on with your business. It comes to three words…

Butts In Chair.

Because no matter how amazing you are at getting your clients hair looking sharp and trim, you need continuous people dropping their butt in your barber chair to keep your business thriving.

The days of the local barber shop haven’t totally disappeared, but they have changed drastically with the times.

But if you’re willing to shift with those changes, you can quickly set yourself up for some huge wins with your barber business. The great thing is that the marketing principles you’ve always used still apply… except with an added twist of technology.

Now one of the fastest ways you could leverage the tidal wave of new mobile tech is by offering your barber services to clients on the go.

Because even though a majority of your customers would love nothing better than to chill out and relax at your shop, many of them just don’t have the extra time in their busy schedules.

So if you’re the rare barbershop that brings the shop to their office or home, you’re automatically setting yourself apart from your competition. Plus if you’re leveraging the network inside an app like PORTEIRO, you could quickly have your own “Uber Cuts” type deal going and absolutely crush the game. Just like Best Buy has their Geek Squad… you could be known as The Trim Team or Cuts Crew.

Tap into the mobile marketplace and your business could boom in a matter of just a few weeks.

One of the old school ways to increase clients is still “word of mouth advertising.” There’s nothing better for you as a business owner than having a highly satisfied customer rave about their fade to their buddies.

Or to have all the other soccer moms and dads asking where you got little Tony’s haircut because he looks so darn sharp.

But the tech twist to word of mouth is making sure you’re using social media for your business. It’s as easy as having a Facebook page for your shop.

Then you can have customers post to the page with their fresh out the barber pics, give testimonials and you could even shoot LIVE videos from the shop. By leveraging a social media page, you can invite future customers into your world and give them a taste of what’s waiting for them.

Now while “word of mouth advertising” is fantastic, it’s also something that you can’t count on with 100% accuracy to keep your business strong.

Just like any business, you need more and more fresh people seeing your service front and center. Now what if you could tap into a mobile app that has access to thousands upon thousands of eager customers needing their next trim or touch up for date night.

Once you plug your barber business into PORTEIRO… you’ll be able to attract new clients like gangbusters. In fact, the biggest challenge you might have will be needing to hire more staff to meet the bum rush of new business.

So if you’re looking to keep more butts in your barber chair and way more bucks hitting your bank account… sign up today at https://www.porteiro.com/service-providers

so you’ll be one of the first barbers on the new digital block.

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