3 Tips For Tattoo Artists To Get More Clients

Tattoo art is all the rage and it shows no signs of slowing down. From high powered CEO’s, to elite athletes to your local stay at home parent… it seems everybody loves getting inked up.

But with that radical increase in popularity… That means the marketplace is being flooded with brand new tattoo artists on every corner. From the suburbs to your local downtown hot spot.

So if you’re an elite level tattoo artist you want to make sure that you stand out from the crowd of newbies that aren’t truly about the craft… they’re just trying to cash in on the craze.

Here are 3 tips for tattoo artists to get more clients and elevate the art form with their success.

1. Share High Quality Imagery Of Your Work On Instagram:

You are a true artist and your work needs to be seen in its highest form. Instagram is all about the pics… so invest in a high quality DSLR camera and take the type of photos that your work deserves.

If you’re creating masterpieces that your clients will display to the world for the rest of their life… respect the results from your skill set.

Use a variety of shots when you post your IG pics. Sometimes it’s an intense close up under the glare of the light. While other times you could feature the tattoo as part of a theme or set up a full blown cosplay type set piece.

The more high quality and creative the pictures of your work are the more your exposure on social media will blow up.

2. Create A Blog Where Happy Clients Submit Their Tattoo Stories:

Now I know that this tip might throw you for a loop… but stick with me here. Because this is a long term strategy that can pay off for years to come inside your tattoo art business.

Whether you’ve created 10 tattoos or a 1,000… every single one of them has a story. It’s extremely rare these days that someone has a tattoo and there is no reason or deep reason why behind it.

Since the dawn of time, human beings love reading and hearing stories. By creating your own tattoo studio blog… you are able to leverage two types.

You can write your own posts about your own tattoos, why you became an artist and crazy stories of being an artistic entrepreneur.

But more importantly, you allow your happy clients to send in their own stories of their tattoo art by you. This not only provides you the best style of social proof and testimonials… but allows your clients to become micro-celebrities.

And everybody wants to be famous. So your clients who submit their stories for your blog will do what? They will share your blog all over social media!

That type of advertising is priceless and can skyrocket your reputation and stuff your bank account with more profits.

3. LIVE Videos Shared From Your Studio:

Everybody wants to check out “behind the scenes” videos… Reality TV is still dominating the networks, social media and anywhere else someone can put up a screen.

Your potential clients want to see inside your world, they want to get a taste of what they can experience when they hire you as their tattoo artist.

And you already have your own film studio inside your smartphone!

Whether it be going live on Facebook or Instagram… raw, unfiltered live videos will attract new clients like a magnet. Share videos straight from your tattoo studio, in the car or hanging out with fellow artists at a convention.

Give them that backstage, rock star access that everyone always dreams they could be a part of so they can feel like one of the cool kids… whether they’re 27 or 57.

Now along with applying all 3 of these tips for tattoo artists to get more clients… you’ll definitely want to be part of a cutting edge marketplace.

Because the more eyeballs you get to witness your masterful work… the more your client book is overflowing.

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